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    Revma Medley


REVMA passionately displays the living art of traditional Greek music (“Dimotika”), to listening and dancing audiences. Mesmerizing pentatonic and polyphonic Epirot mountain laments and celebrations, lyrical melodies and the “springing” sousta and ballos dances of the Aegean, Dodekanese, and Ionian islands, powerful odd-metered Macedonian and Thracian rhythms, and the delicate modal tones of urban Smyrnaika, are all shaped by a history drenched in struggle, war, migration, resilience, and philotimia, and charged with Greek life-embracing passion and wit. Our musicians are: Rohan Gregory on violin, Glenn Dickson on clarinet, Fabio Pirozzolo on percussion, guitar, and voice, and Sandy Theodorou on laouto, accordion, and voice.

Sandy Theodorou – accordion, laouto, vocals

Glenn Dickson – clarinet

Rohan Gregory – violin

Fabio Pirozzolo – percussion, vocals


Our fabulous guest musicians:
Harry Bedrosian – oud
Stephanos Karavas – oud
Phil Papadopoulos – bouzouki, vocals
Georgios Galanakis – guitar