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Thracian – Bogdanos

This dance comes from a little town in extreme Ea
stern Thracian Greece, which has Bulgaria to the North and Turkey to the East. The area is called “Evros” as that is the name of the river which runs through it. Some of the Greeks nowLiving in the area come from families that were moved there from Bulgaria in the 1920’s.

Dance Notes

Rhythm: 7/8 or 1-2, 1-2, 1 2 3 or quick quick slow throughout
Formation: Mixed line of men and wo
men, arms W position, shoulder height.
Style: Bouncy
The dance:
I. Backing out of the circle at a slight angle to the right (as in Cocek),Step R, step L, step R and touch L to R.
Step fwd on L, bringing R close to L (but not touching floor)
Cue: back, back, back, tch, fwd touch
This figure repeats throughout the vocal
II During the instrumental, the “back touch” and “fwd touch” changes to “1,2,3” 1,2,3”
Cue: back, back, one two three, one two three
ARMS: The arms move the same for both parts: They swing down and slightly back when movingback,coming up on the “back touch” or “’1,2,3”. They remain up and stretched out in front, with elbows slight bent when going forward –Coming down as you back up;

Notes by Dit Olshan